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All of our products are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials. Full control of the production process, starting from the production of ceramic masses and glazes, allows us for precise laboratory analysis of our production materials.

In addition, the high-temperature product firing technology we use – over 1230 °C ensures the creation of the final product meets the stringent requirements for packaging in the food industry.

Our products are characterized by high strength and resistance to mechanical damage.

The traditional manual method of producing bottles in combination with modern methods of control allows the creation of unique products without restrictions of shape and size of the series.

Our products stand out among others with wide range of colors and large decorative options.

Paying great attention to the quality of our ceramic bottles, each product is individually checked for preserving quality standards.
The high quality of our products allows us to use them in automatic bottling lines.

Products that supplement our offer are sets of dishes for presentation and tasting of alcohol.
These products enjoy a high reputation among our customers fulfilling such roles as various kinds of gifts and promotional campaign elements.

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